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Bustos Receives Friend of Farm Credit Award

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 16, 2016 – The AgriBank District Farm Credit Council (ADFCC) presented its 2016 Friend of Farm Credit Award to U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos of Illinois.

Bustos received the award for her important work on behalf of rural communities, agriculture and the Farm Credit System. ADFCC members were in Washington to talk to members of Congress about issues important to farmers and ranchers in the AgriBank District, and to observe the Farm Credit centennial.

“The leadership Representative Bustos provides through her service on the House Agriculture Committee is critical to the well-being of rural communities and agricultural producers across the country,” said John Schmitt, a farmer from Quincy, Illinois, a director of AgriBank and a member of the AgriBank District Farm Credit Council. “We especially appreciate her efforts to ensure the crop insurance program remains an effective risk management tool to help producers navigate through the uncertainties of the markets and Mother Nature. Her willingness to step out front in support of crop insurance last fall was true leadership.”

“Last night it was an honor to receive the 2016 Friend of Farm Credit award,” Congresswoman Bustos said. “Coming from a long line of farmers, I know how important it is to fight for our agriculture economy, and as a member of the House Committee on Agriculture, I know that when our farmers succeed, America succeeds. I will continue to protect important programs like crop insurance that are vital to America’s economic and food security.”


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The AgriBank District Farm Credit Council represents Farm Credit farmers and ranchers in a 15-state area from Wyoming to Ohio and Minnesota to Arkansas. About half the nation’s cropland is located within the AgriBank District.

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